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Pick various indicators, which will work the best for the company you choose.

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Creating the best strategy

Strategy is set of different combinations of indicators with different allocated weights. Your strategy creates traffic light signals, that are used as Sell, Buy and Hold signals for your Backtests.



Choose a company

You can make a strategy for any company listed. Just pick the one, which works best for you!


Choose your indicators

StockMetrix indicators cover a wide range of factors that may affect the stock price movement, so choose the ones that will help you to acheve the best results in the Basket.


Allocate the weights

You can allocate weights of importance to your chosen indicators within the "Weights" section. The more weight you give to an indicator, the more influence it will have on the conclusion about a company.


Run Backtest

Once applied your basket and weights settings press "Backtest" button.

Choosing a winner

Outperform rivals’ strategies

Your strategy will need to make the largest return among all contestants in a trading simulation.

Outperform VTI index

Your strategy's return must beat the Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF for the period of trading simulation.


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