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Your strategy creates traffic light signals, that are used as Sell, Buy and Hold signals for your Backtests.

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StockMetrix will test your stock strategy by running a trade simulation from August 1 to October 30, 2018 using historical stock price data.

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Create a strategy that outperforms VTI index and beats your rivals by achieving the highest return

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StockMetrix is constantly improving and fixing its indicators. Hence, there may be changes made to how the indicators work, affecting the signals they currently give and historical signals they have already given. In cases of significant changes, indicator’s historical signals can be replaced with the corrected ones. StockMetrix analyses the data that is available at the time the analysis is made. In cases when the data is corrected, restated or changed in some way by the data provider, StockMetrix reserves the right to correct its previously made signals and rewrite them in its database. Hence, when backtesting, contestants should keep in mind that some data can be restated, and StockMetrix will then use the new data to correct the historical signals. This might change the results of previously performed backtests. You are welcome to contact us at if you find any bugs related to the StockMetrix application or the StockMetrix Scholarship Contest.