How it all started

The Story of StockMetrix started with a person who struggled to find time for his hobby – stock picking. He made his living as a CFO of a privately owned group of companies. Nevertheless, stock picking and trading was his passion.

He encountered a problem of processing enormous amounts of data. As it was very accurately said by Robert J. Shiller ‘People are often more willing to act based on little or no data than to use data that is a challenge to assemble’.

When he picked stocks, investing time and effort always paid off. The main challenge was spending up to 12 hours of straight work just on a single company – collecting all the metrics from different websites and performing various analyses. Another obstacle was maintaining good quality analyses day by day.

After several months of such exhausting lifestyle, the quality of his decisions has deteriorated. The problem he faced was precisely termed in psychology as information overload or infoxication (Speier et al. (1999)). It results in the reduction of decisions quality.

He searched the Internet assuming that there must be software that did all the work for individual investors or at least gathered all indicators affecting the stock price on a single web page. After thorough online research with no results, he decided to create such tool and help all individual investors worldwide.

When he started the project, StockMetrix was just an idea of placing all stock metrics on one single page with an intuitive user interface. Once the team of StockMetrix expanded, they have started implementing the newest practices from the fields of Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, Ontological semantics and Neural Networks (AI).

We still have a long way to go, and the results are not tested yet, but we are fully committed to the constant development of StockMetrix. We want to make a highly beneficial tool for millions of individual investors out there.

The Story of Robinhood app was very inspirational to us because they aimed to democratize execution side of stock trading. We are committed to democratizing the decision making part of stock investing, to make it affordable and understandable to everyone.